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Birds eye view of chamber of creation

Chamber of Creation


“Creation comes from the limits we impose on ourselves. Without it, we are lost and unfocused. Without it, there is no creation.”

It's a small scribbling you read in-between the chaos. This must be the place where it all happens. The place he comes to, to create things, design them, bring them to life. It almost sounds poetic.

What is to follow however is less poetic and more to do with the harsh reality of business.. the selling of a service.

Graphics Design - The Why?
As you walk around the room, you wonder what actually motivated him to do what he does and why...

Graphics Design - The What?
He certainly is a designer. But it still remains such a vague term. What is it exactly that he designs?

Technical Specifications?
You find Patrik's Curriculum Vitae in-between the mess, an insight into his past education and experiences.
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