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Graphic Design - The What


“One of the most important assets of any person or company is image. The biggest challenge is to be recognized for who you are and what you stand for. This is only possible if you send out a clear and undiluted message of yourself in every form of communication you may undertake. I am here to ensure that.

It doesn't matter if your a small company or a large multinational. Image is everything. You need to build a unique image and personality if you want to mean something to someone else.

Once you have an image, it all comes down to effectively translating it to all the different media you will be using. In the end, when someone picks ups your product, sees you on TV, catches one of your advertisements, surfs your website, receives a mail or fax from you, he or she should instantly recognize without mistake that it came from you.

I am here to help you convey your image over all these different media (traditional and or digital). Because if it's not done properly, you risk your image being fragmented and splintered apart. That's why it takes allot more insight and talent then just designing cool little effects to avoid this.”

The Me


“I became a graphics designer because of it's diversity. Logo's, corporate identities, advertising, internet sites, multimedia... it's all part of the same design package. And the fun part is that each package is tailor made for each product, person or company. It's different each and every time making it one of the reasons why I enjoy doing what I do best.

So if you are interested, please contact me. I must warn you though that quality comes with a price.”

Patrik Fagard

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