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View of the dining table

The Persona


The place is owned by some one whom goes by the name of Patrik Fagard. It is said that he likes to keep his private life to himself. Only a few close friends know his true persona. He says that he would prefer to keep it that way. So unfortunately for most of us, we will never know the true reason of his ways.

Nevertheless, it still remains intriguing to step inside of some one else's personal atmosphere. Especially without them even knowing about it. Imagine the things one might discover...

It takes a sick mind to be this curious...

Personal Chambers
Normally, you wouldn't be allowed in here. At least not without his permission. But then again, there is no one here to stop you, is there?

Chamber of Creation
What does one actually do in a chamber of creation you wonder? Create things? Create what?

The Exposition
Ah, this must be his little gallery of meaningless art. The product of his persona or l'art pour l'art?

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