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Fragment of a handwriten note

Personal Notes


You find his handwriting hard to read, or maybe you're just not accustomed to it yet. So you carefully place yourself behind the desk and under the reading light. You start wading through the different documents hoping to find anything interesting. At least if you can make any sense of it all.

Most of it however is trivial. Information on his upbringing, what he does now. His hobbies, music he likes listening too. Things like that.

You find nothing however that could give you any insight into the person he really is. No secret diaries. No personal poems or stories. No letters, just a few cards from friends. Hmm, so he does seem to have some friends you conclude.

You might as well give up looking. At that moment, you notice another pile of paper not far from you. You stand up, walk over to it and bend down for a closer look.

The pile consists of at least several hundred pages. Each page however is filled with many little drawings and sketches. You pick up one of the papers and look at it. "What are all these drawings for?", you ask yourself.

They don't seem to make much sense.It is as if they where all randomly placed on the page like one big giant puzzle.

You flip the page.

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